COVID – 19 VERY Survivable

Let’s speak facts to fear.

Regarding this Coronavirus, statistics show that this virus, while not to be taken lightly, is very survivable, even by the elderly.

The China CDC did a study of the epidemic in their country and released the following statistics: Those cases that were considered “critical” – respiratory failure, sepsis, and/or multiple organ failure – were just under 5% of cases.

The vast majority – 95% – were classed as mild or severe, with 81% being classed as mild (non-pneumonia or mild pneumonia cases). NONE of the mild or severe cases resulted in fatalities.

Only the critical cases resulted in some fatalities. The overall fatality rate was 2.3%. Even for those in the over 80 age group, the case fatality rate was 14.8%. Those with comorbid conditions (in particular, hypertension) also had much higher fatality rates, as with any flu.

For perspective, the Ebola virus had a fatality rate of about 90%. So the good news is, even if one were to be unlucky enough to get sick, this virus is very very survivable.

Remember that coronaviruses were first identified in the 1960’s. It is estimated that 20-30% of the common colds are caused by coronaviruses. We’ve encountered them before and most of us have probably already been infected at some time by such a virus. And if one of the ingredients necessary for a successful viral or bacterial infection is a susceptible host, remember that keeping a strong immune system is the best defense.

There ARE things we can do to minimize the chances that we will be infected, as discussed in prior articles. Take precautions and observe all recommended sanitary practices, but know that we do NOT have to view this virus as a death sentence. This data makes it clear that while proactive measures are warranted, panic and fear Is not.

Staying positive is not only the sensible thing to do in light what we know, it’s also good for the immune system!

Dr. Paula Rhodes

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